PTA pushes to introduce 3G for cell phones

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority [] is ramping up efforts to introduce 3G technology [] for mobile phones in Pakistan. The PTA recently gave a presentation [] on moving current networks from 2G to 3G technology to PTA officials, representatives of PTCL, mobile and fixed line operators, telecom experts and students.

While explaining the importance of 3G technology, Gen. Shahzada (ed - Chairman PTA) said that PTA was putting every endeavor to bring home latest cellular mobile technologies including the 3rd Generation. He said that it has always been difficult to introduce new telecommunication methods and technologies but like in the past, PTA would facilitate all operators to switch over to the latest technologies.

Pakistan currently has 2.5G based networks and according to the PTA and this [] the switch to 3G will require a lot of effort and money because of the underlying infrastructure change. The main benefit in moving to a 3G network is higher data transmission rates. The increase in bandwidth is substantial, from a maximum of 128kpbs in existing 2.5G networks to up to 2mpbs-10mpbs in 3G networks.

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One Response to “PTA pushes to introduce 3G for cell phones”

  1. BigSexyWashboardAbsAl says:

    Not a good idea, 3G hasNot a good idea, 3G has already failed in the US and it’s next generation 4G I think is already about, 3G has not proven feasible for Sprint at all, it is expensive, slow, hard to implement… I’ll try to get a link!

    India btw, is aiming to go straight for 4G which is supposed to be able to handle greater capacity, higher bandwidth and is supposed to be easier to implement.

    Big Sexy’s Got Cha Numba!