800 new IT awarness centres planned

Provincial Minister of IT for Sindh, Mustafa Kamal announced 800 IT awareness centers.

This is not an official press release. It came during his speech at the golden jubilee commemorations of the chemistry department of Karachi University. He offered his profound inisght by adding that IT had significant role to play in the fields of science, especially chemistry and Karachi University’s IT department would play a significant role in the scientific development of the country.

Further, the Chairman of Higher Education Commission (HEC) Dr. Attaur Rehman was honoured with the “Best Student Award”. I think this is a misprint as he is nowhere close to being an academic student.

Anyone have details on these IT centres? What do they have? Who was contracted with building, deploying and managing the existing 35 IT centres?

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4 Responses to “800 new IT awarness centres planned”

  1. BigSexyWashboardAbsAl says:

    RE: Just what we need NOTLets face it, the last thing this country needs are more IT “aware” people!

    What we need are competant people and everyone currently in a decision making position in the IT industry to die making room for competant people!

    Big Sexy’s Got Cha Numba!

  2. chowkidar says:

    RE: Just what we need NOTSo far, the comments you have posted are nothing but flamatory. What value if any are you adding? If anything, you are taking away from whatever intelligible discussion this forum intends to promote.

    If you have anything substantial to say, say it otherwise you are simply setting a precedent for flamtory political discussions.

  3. BigSexyWashboardAbsAl says:

    RE: Just what we need NOTTrue, but I’m having fun!

    At the end of the day, that’s what’s most important!

    Big Sexy’s Got Cha Numba!

  4. chowkidar says:

    RE: Just what we need NOTI was probably having a bad day at work when I posted that.