Undersea cable lands at Karachi

After becoming the laughing stock of the world (along with economic losses going into Millions of dollars) when losing internet connectivity to the entire country and not having a backup line, we finally recieve a new undersea optic fibre cable. Hopefully this solves the peoples problems of bandwidth along with affordability.

The Jang reports,

Transworld Associates (TWA), Pakistan’s first private undersea optic fibre cable operator, announced today that its undersea optic fibre cable system, TWA-1, has landed at its cable landing station in Karachi.

With direct cable landings in Karachi , Fujairah (UAE) and Al Seeb (Oman), the TWA-1 undersea optic fibre network would offer end-to-end, direct broadband, high-speed connectivity to Pakistan’s growing number of telecom operators, internet service providers, and corporate customers, a press release said.

Speaking on the occasion, Kamran Malik, Chief Operating Officer TWA, said, “This is a proud moment for Pakistan considering that we are the first Pakistani-owned submarine cable system.”

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3 Responses to “Undersea cable lands at Karachi”

  1. haq says:

    more tech details about the cableHere’s some more information about the link from their parent company’s website:

    TWA is currently developing a project to install and operate an undersea Fiber Optic cable System between Karachi (Pakistan) to Fujairah (UAE), approximately 1180 kms long with a future branching unit to Muscat (Oman). This Cable System has given the name TWA-1 and will provide direct broadband and high-speed synchronous interconnectivity to customers in Pakistan to the rest of the world, with initial provisioning of one (01) 10 Gigabit/s wavelength on each of two fiber pairs for a total initial capacity of 20 Gigabit/s. The ultimate capacity would be 1.28 Terabit/s on two fiber pairs. TWA has acquired the license from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) for the establishment of the Cable Landing Station in Karachi. The project is Ready for Service (RFS) in 3rd quarter of 2005.

    TWA will offer its product portfolio which will be based on high quality, guaranteed availability, managed bandwidth services as well as Internet connectivity services. Both products i.e. IPLC and IP Bandwidth will be offered on lease as well as on IRU (indefeasible right of use) basis.

    20 gigabits of bandwidth! I believe Pakistan’s total connectivity was < 1gps previously. This will be a huge boom to broadband connectivity in Pakistan and is sure to push prices down.

  2. Zaid says:

    Homepage of the cableThe official website of this new cable is


    Worth a check !!

  3. jack says:

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