Survey: Internet Usage Trends in Pakistan

I am working on a small project to statistically establish likes, dislikes & preferences of fellow resident Pakistanis regarding their choice of online search engine, free web-based email service & instant messaging (IM) software.

I had to conduct this online survey myself as there are no detailed official statistics available regarding ‘internet usage & its trends in Pakistan’. I have already contacted MoITT, PTA, ISPAK, PSEB & PASHA but there has been no significant feedback.

You can participate in this online survey @

Your participation & support would certainly help get a better insight. Thanks in advance for your precious input.

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2 Responses to “Survey: Internet Usage Trends in Pakistan”

  1. haq says:

    more QsOther interesting questions I’d like to see on the survey:

    - ISP you use?
    - Dialup or broadband?
    - Have you ever made an online purchase?
    - Have you ever used a P2P/file-sharing client?
    - Do you use VOIP or a VOIP device?
    - What do you use the net for primarily: Work, Personal, Study, all/some of the above?

  2. halai says:

    also give other options foralso give other options for IM clients or an “other” box. along with purpose of being online (recreation? job-related? online business?) also publishing these results would be a very good thing. and OS and browser usage would be interesting to see as well. see how much of a hit a company like microsoft takes when most of the software is pirated and freely available, would people even consider an open source alternative when price costs are not considered? another question to add, “have you considered purchasing the shareware software on your pc?”