Plagiarism and Academia

While plagarism is a problem that plagues all arenas of academia (can be as subtle as overlooking a reference to a source), this particular story concerns the International Islamic University in Islamabad where two (probably graduate) students and a professor are accused of plagiarising a paper by industry security guru Bruce Schneier and colleagues.

While the professor claims only to have appended his name to the paper, I agree with Schneier’s commentary that he is still responsible for lack of due diligence.

In the vast web of information, it’s getting increasingly difficult to track down plagiarism and in a sense, the whole plagiarism business ( etc) is compromising the academic culture and true worth of having a degree.

Further, stories like this bring considerable harm to the reputation of not only the institution in question but also Pakistan educational institutions in general. In my opinion, these students should be made an example of to not only strongly discourage this practise but also to make it clear that the International Islamic University in Islamabad’s integrity is intact.

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5 Responses to “Plagiarism and Academia”

  1. Anonymous Coward says:

    RE:This really needs to be condemned at the highest level. I hope someone at IIU and HEC looks into this and takes some appropriate action. Based on the attention this is getting (look at the comments section on Schneier’s post), foreign profs will get more skeptical while considering admission applications from Pakistani students.

  2. BigSexyWashboardAbsAl says:

    Though it is extremely oddThough it is extremely odd that someone would think they can get away with plagerising a thesis, the fact is that it happens in this country and it happens ALL the time. I think you would be hard-pressed to find someone who DID NOT palgerise their thesis. For most of the privileged people in this country who can get an education, it is the only way to pass! Not only that, for most of the under-paid faculty it’s the only way to make ends meet (i.e endorsing such behaviour).

    That being said, of course I dont endorse this behaviour.

    Big Sexy’s Got Cha Numba!

  3. Faisal Danka says:

    Am not surprisedGreetings mates!

    I am not surprised at this story single bit. I was in Pakistan and it is the most common ‘thing’ in universities and colleges. I have seen plagiarists from most senior to junior levels. Surprisingly on a local level, the plagiarists can turn around papers quickly hence are considered ‘smarter’.

    My research published by CNN, BBC, WashingtonPost, etc internationally (see below for a few links) was not even mentioned anywhere in Pakistani media (at that time I was a proud Pakistani– should not surprise why am not anymore). While on the other hand a Pakistani plagiarist threw tea party to a couple of journalist and claimed the same discovery and got local media coverage while internationally everyone thought of him as a clown.

    In a weird way, I am happy not to be covered by Pakistani media, in my eyes I think they are not worth it. Therefore, I have happily moved on.


    P.S. I just learned the owner of this blog works at Microsoft, will he be straight enough to let this comment through? Let’s see if he is a two faced or not and if the comment is blocked then you know who you are hypocrite!

  4. TDH says:

    Just think about it for aJust think about it for a moment .. !

    What kind of facilities are provided to students in pk for their research. For a fact i know they only have a budget of not more than 30000 for research. Cell phones cost more than that.

    With that budget can you imagine the rate at which these universities are churning out masters and PHd students. I wanted to stay here and do my studies, but would you just look at the environment thats being provided to PHd students here. The situation is sickening.

    The conditions these days favourable for these universities to make money. They get any person in their programme and get their degrees finished as is the ritual. “Beta passs ho gaya”

    Is this the way research is done ?
    How can PHd research be completed in 2 years ?

    Above all people from these universities are encouraged by their teachers to do the forgeries. Funny part they try to justify it too.

    I say Ata ur rehman did a nice job of getting the education standard higher by raising the tution fee of the universities.

    Hats off to the Govt.
    Hats off to the People who make money.
    Hats off to the anals who got their degrees.

  5. Anonymous says:

    And hats off to the sorryAnd hats off to the sorry paki asses