Plagiarism and shame in the academic Industry

Bruce Schneier is an internationally renowned security technologist and author. Described by The Economist as a “security guru,” Schneier is best known as a refreshingly candid and lucid security critic and commentator. When people want to know how security really works, they turn to Schneier.

It’s no surprise that Khawaja Amer Hayat, Umar Waqar Anis, and S. Tauseef-ur-Rehman, three professors from the International Islamic University in Islamabad did as well.

More than looking to refer to Bruce, they plagiarized his entire paper on Cryptanalysis of some encryption/cipher schemes using related key attack and published it on SIGCSE, a forum for computer science educators.

Seems like these professors have a stubbed a lot of other academic institutions and taken credit for it. Plagiarism in any form is not kosher and credit must be given for someone elses hard work.

Read Bruce’s rant here which includes seemingly insincere apologies from the three professors.

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One Response to “Plagiarism and shame in the academic Industry”

  1. Ahmad says:

    RE:Just a correction, all three are not professors. Two of them were students and the third was their supervisor for this paper.