P@SHA Job Fair 2005 - Careers in Pakistan - In Partnership with rozee.com.pk

Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA) has teamed up with Pakistan’s leading job site, Rozee.com.pk, to organize a job fair of proportions never before seen in Pakistan. The job fair will feature company booths, exposure to high quality professionals and workshops that will give you the edge you want.

Over 500 companies have been invited. This is a once in a life time opportunity to test your career’s marketability. This fair will be advertised to more than 80,000 job seekers. Companies can find the best available talent from a huge pool of mid-level and high-level employees.

The P@SHA Job Fair 2005 is scheduled for August 16, 2005 at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Lahore. The job fair will feature company booths, workshops, and counseling sessions. The P@SHA Job Fair 2005 will be advertised to over 80,000 professionals and executives in Pakistan.

The workshops are aimed at improving local human resource skills such as resume writing, interviewing and professional development. These workshops will provide valuable practical insights to help enhance Pakistan’s talent pool.

Please follow the link (P@SHA Job Fair - In Partnership with rozee.com.pk ) for more details.

Ed: We covered PASHA’s previous June 2005 job fair here. It was disappointing in terms of turnout due to lack of advertising, looks like this time it will be better.

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5 Responses to “P@SHA Job Fair 2005 - Careers in Pakistan - In Partnership with rozee.com.pk”

  1. haq says:

    lahore might get better turn out.Not sure about the ‘once in a lifetime’ part of the above story.

    The Job fair held at Karachi in June did not attract too many people because of very little advertising. There were about 10-15 companies with booths, most of them had open positions, accepting resumes and looking to hire people with medium to low level of expierence. I think were mainly expecting students and fresh grads to attend the job fair.

    Its a good show even if you are not looking to get a job, just checking out the breath of companies there says alot about the level of IT work going on in Pakistan. For example, one company (forget the name, will post it when it comes to me) with a booth was the 2nd largest e-content provider in the world. The content they provide (to the likes of Amazon I was told) are product descriptions and specs that online vendors show when trying to sell you stuff. For example the specs of a laptop, power rating, make, dimensions of a hand drill etc. They also advise the vendors on what specs a customer would look for when trying to by a particular product. They were an offshoring outfit with the parent company based in the US.

  2. phpgurru says:

    Inshallah Lahore will get better turn outInshallah Lahore will get better turn out as I have come to know from reliable resources that P@SHA has made a partnership with rozee.com.pk for this event and rozee.com.pk is owned and operated by Naseeb Networks Inc. Naseeb Networks is already running “The Largest Muslim Social Networking Site (www.naseeb.com)”. and they are planning to advertise this event on major newspapers. Follow the link for more details http://rozee.com.pk/jobfair/media.php?ref=rz

  3. safdar abbas says:

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  4. fayyazhaider says:

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  5. fayyazhaider says:

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