Made in Pakistan: Electric motorbike

PakTribune reports that MS Group (can’t find their website) has successfully created Pakistan’s first, indigenous electronic motorbike. The Federal Minister of Science and Technology, Nouraiz Shakoor Khan, who incidentally also happens to be the president of the Cycling Federation of Pakistan, described the bike as a revolution for the region and a sign of Pakistan’s growing industrial stature.

Details are scarce from the article: The bike does not consume petrol, instead uses a rechargeable battery which gives it a range of upto 50kms per charge. Using electricity as a source of power lowers the bike’s running costs, which might give it an edge in the local market. Perhaps the MS Group should look into PINSTECH’s fuel cell research to increase the bike’s per-charge range.

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  1. admin says:

    electricity relianceGreat work, though I’d think twice before relying on KESC or WAPDA for my transportation needs.