PASHA Job fair 2005

Pakistan Software Houses Association (PASHA) is holding their first job fair on June 2nd 2005 at the Marriot hotel in Karachi. The fair’s objectives are are:

  • To create a link between the IT and ITeS industry and the academic sector
  • To correct the perception that there are no jobs available in the IT sector. It is imperative that we convince young people that our sector is alive and well and growing at a rate of over 50% a year.
  • Providing companies a platform for recruitment
  • To provide an opportunity for companies to market themselves

The job fair also features several workshops designed to coach new job seekers on topics such as resume writing, interviewing tips and enhancing communication skills. PASHA was started in 1992 by 9 software development houses and since then has grown to have over 200 member companies. This looks like an excellent opportunity for job seekers and employers in the IT industry. Their website says that the last day to register was May 15, though their registration link still seems to work.

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2 Responses to “PASHA Job fair 2005”

  1. haq says:

    just registeredI just registered, seems like they are pretty lax about the May 15th deadline, going to try to make it to this one, it’d be very interesting to see what kind of crowd gathers.

    Did anyone see advertising for this? Google shows only 1 hit. Perhaps they only advertised this with universities / institutes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    RE: just registeredthis registration link works too: