Pakistan’s claim of 10.5m cellphone subscribers misleading

We previously reported Mobile phone users crossing the 10 million mark. However, Dawn is now reporting that the 10.5 million claim is overblown. The figure merely reflects the sale of SIMs and not neccessarily active subscribers, and SIMs as we know are dime a dozen. Additionaly some people only use phones to recieve free incoming calls after paying a minimal base subscriber fee. The actual figure of subscribers could be as low as 5 million.

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One Response to “Pakistan’s claim of 10.5m cellphone subscribers misleading”

  1. KO says:

    I would put the total numberI would put the total number even lower than 5 million. Everyone I know has multiple sims. That is ancedotal evidence, but I don’t know any anyone who only has one mobile connection thoughout…