PTCL privatization update: Singtel and Etisalat strongest contenders

According to The News UAE based Etisalat and Singapore based Singtel are the top contenders for the upcoming PTCL privatization because of their deep pockets and already saturation of their home markets. Other contenders for 26% stake in PTCL are: Telekom Malysia (also a very strong contender with $1 billion in cash reserves), TurkCell, Saudi Oger, Saudi Telecom and China Telecom.

The tentative date for the sale is set to be end of June.

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One Response to “PTCL privatization update: Singtel and Etisalat strongest contenders”

  1. haq says:

    My money is on EtisalatUAE’s government has recently announced an end to Etisalat’s telecom monopoly to promote more competition in the region. Etisalat might be more desperate to get into new markets since their main source of revenue might soon decline when it’s rival company comes up. They have already put up a bid for a stake in Turk Telecom.