Pakistan’s first locally built car: REVO

Adam Motors has come up with it’s own car: REVO (abbreviation for Revolution, I believe). The price range competes directly with Suzuki Mehran (although time will tell). Base models start at Rs.269,000 and CNG models start at Rs.299,000 (making it ~50K cheaper than the Mehran). Forbes reports that 141,000 cars will come off the production line this year. The engine for the car is built by China’s Wuling Engineering Company. Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz suggested that the cars should be fitted with CNG to be environmental friendly. What about investing in the public transportation system instead? How will the current roads and traffic support the increasing automotive population? Safety doesn’t seem to be a big concern either. Given that foreign cars are already assembled locally, the only indigenous aspect of this car is the design (that probably got substantial assistance from foreign entities). Sadly, this looks like 1 step forward and 2 steps back.

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4 Responses to “Pakistan’s first locally built car: REVO”

  1. admin says:

    Second indigenous carFrom Dawn:

    IN the late 1980s, a Karachi-based company had indigenously designed and manufactured a pick-up van, which was better and cheaper than its imported counter-part. But it failed due to unknown reasons. The company then shifted to Rawalpindi and again indigenously-manufactured a Pakistani car.

    This was placed on show at the Islamabad industrial exhibition. Once again, this car failed, due to unknown reasons. The dejected owner then offered the company’s assets to a court of law to be disposed of to pay his debts. So, the car recently unveiled in Karachi is not the first but the second indigenous Pakistani car. This is to keep the record straight.



  2. Anonymous says:

    Straightening the record further!According to another source the first car ever made and documented in Pakistan was built in 1967 by Hamid Omar. Apparently, this was the second of his cars, with a more rudimentary version built in the early 1960’s.

  3. farhan says:

    i agree wit h u sir, its not the first pakistani car….2ndly can u tell me what is the official website of Adam motor company. i searched for it on net but coulnt find it

  4. Nasar ur Rehman says:

    Well the reason behind failure of those cases was that in Pakistan we are not even bothered to uplift our own manufacturers in fields like automation and engineering. Dont go so far jus look at your neighbour country (INDIA) they are and have been manufacturing their own and I must say the most famous car of INDIA Ambassador. Ambassador is used not only by local indian general public but all the minsiters and govt. officials are using this car and it is also included in their protocol staff.
    The same example was happened in Malaysia, when Malaysian made their first car, that car was failed to such extent that no one was interested in buying it, then what happened Mr. Muhateer Muhammad came forward and he bought Malaysian car and he used to drive it personally.
    So what i think, this is not a way to introduce this car. Govt. must Ban on giving OD’s to the MNA or MPA they should introduce REVO as govt. cars and must increase duty on imported re-conditioned cars. I hope by adopting this step, revo can gain the local mass attraction