Paknet offers free DSL installation and subscription(?)

Things are starting to heat up in the broadband space. This has to be a first: Business Recorder reports that PakNet, as of 14th Aug is offering free DSL installation on their ‘Rage’ plan — For a Rs 899/month scratch-card they are offering a 256kbps, 1-Gb/month volume capped pipe. All most all broadband companies such as Cybernet and Multinet charge as much as Rs5,000-Rs15,000 for installation and purchase of the dsl modem upfront. This offer looks quite attractive for someone who wants to get up and running without having to worry about too much inital investment.

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7 Responses to “Paknet offers free DSL installation and subscription(?)”

  1. haq says:

    quality?Judging by the rate at which images from their website are being downloaded I’d say their service will be pretty slow. Also, I wouldn’t be suprised if they have hidden installation costs (phone line upgrade etc). If installation is indeed free, it will be interesting to see if they can sustain the business model of renting out modems for free in Pakistan. I’m not sure what the average price is of a dsl modem froggle says the cheap ones go for about $40 a pop, so it’d take them atleast 3 months per modem to recover their upfront cost…doesn’t sound that bad.

  2. Anonymous Coward says:

    How can i get s DEL accountHow can i get s DEL account from PAKNET ???


  3. Anonymous Coward says:

    Sorry about the typo of DSLSorry about the typo of DSL ;)

  4. haq says:

    RE: How can i get s DEL accountDSL account from paknet: according to their site all you need is the scratch card for Rs.899 and they’ll do the installation etc for you. But you might want to contact them first and get details — UAN number from their website: 111-222-117 .

    If you do contact them, let us know what they say by posting back here :)

  5. haq says:

    RE: How can i get s DEL accountOr… (thinking about it somemore) you can just wait till it gets picked up by someone at KO’s Tech Forum.

  6. Ali Maskatiya says:

    New DSL ProviderWe are in the pre-launch stage of our DSL Setup. If anyone in the Clifton or PECHS exchange area is interested in getting a connection immediately the following are our tariffs:
    Shared Packages
    1. 64k Rs. 1250
    2. 128k Rs. 1800
    3. 256k Rs 3000

    Volume Based Packages (Committed Rate)
    1. 256k- 1GB Rs. 1500
    2. 256k- 3GB Rs. 3000
    3. 256k- 4GB Rs 3750
    4. 512k- 4GB Rs 5000

    As a special introductory offer modem and installation will be provided for free. Please contact Ali Maskatiya on 0300-8208809 for any further details.

  7. haq says:

    RE: New DSL ProviderWhat are the installation charges?