Youngest MCP gets her wish

2 months ago, we covered the youngest MCP, Arfa Karim at age 9. One of her wishes was to meet Bill Gates. Didn’t think her wish would be granted this soon. She will be visiting Microsoft headquarters in Remond, Washington, to meet with CTO, Bill Gates.

We raised the question as to what can be done to promote the youth and intellectual capital in Pakistan. Granting her wish and generating more press around this seems like a good start.

I might be meeting her on July 12 to give her words of encouragement. If you have any questions or would like to relay words of encouragement, post them here.

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7 Responses to “Youngest MCP gets her wish”

  1. Anonymous Coward says:

    She not going to make orShe not going to make or bring any good to Pakistan. This is for real.

  2. Adnan says:

    i already read news that shei already read news that she met Bill at Redmond,not only that,she has invited Bill gates to visit Pakistan which he accepted and also to stay at her home in multan

  3. sam says:

    some queriesi would b really interested in knowing wether she just crammed for the exams or doe she really know something ?

  4. haq says:

    RE: some queriesHere’s an article from Seattle Post about her time in Redmond:

    From the article:

    Arfa’s one-on-one meeting with Gates was part of a visit this week to the company’s Redmond campus, arranged and sponsored by Microsoft to better introduce Arfa to the company, and to give people at headquarters a chance to meet her. The week included lab tours and a series of informal sessions with Microsoft executives and employees, including a Pakistani employee group.

    Her programming experience so far has been as part of her studies. She has created basic Windows applications, such as a calculator and a sorting program, primarily in the C# programming language. The certification she received was as a Microsoft Certified Application Developer. She says she plans to pursue a more advanced certification, as a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, which involves building programs into a broader system for a business

    She made an impression through a combination of charm, flattery and boldness uncommon for someone her age. For example, during Arfa’s meeting with Gates, she presented him with a poem she wrote that celebrated his life story. But she also questioned him about what she perceived to be the relatively small proportion of women on the campus.

  5. haq says:

    RE: She not going to make orActually, I think she did bring (much needed) good publicity for Pakistan, her story is getting international attention. It’s up on slashdot as well

  6. Anonymous Coward says:

    She is famous!Here are two new links about her I guess she has now meet Bill Gates

  7. M. Sajid says:

    congratesreally happy to see the young pakistani as much talented and a big thing is that she is female. congrates to arfa on achieving great success.
    in fact our sweet country is full of such a God gifted talent but due to the backwardness of our country we are not able to polish ourselves. i request the Gates to visit once pakistan and to check the great talent of pakistani.

    best wishes for all
    HND Computing