Warid opens it’s doors to the public

Follow up from our previous Warid launch story, today Warid has officially opened up it’s offices to the public in 28 cities. The prefix is 0321 and in case you didn’t see the full-page advertisement in one of the local papers, here are some notable features of their packages:

  • Rs 1.50/min for friends and family (how do they keep track of who family is?).
  • Rs 2/min for Warid to Warid calls.
  • Rs 3/min for all other calls.
  • Rs 0.5-1 for SMS (how does this work?).
  • Zero line rent on postpaid connections.
  • 30 second rounding on billing instead of the usual 1 minute (is this on international calls as well?).
  • Discounts on off-peak calling (off-peak hours from 10pm to 7am).
  • Voicemail (have not seen the rest offer this as a standard feature).
  • Conference calling.

Rates don’t include tax.

Warid’s website is currently high on fluff and low on details.

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2 Responses to “Warid opens it’s doors to the public”

  1. haq says:

    I’d like more detailsAnyone have more details on their packages or expierence with their service? Are they having the connectivity problems which Telenor have with Mobilink?

  2. Ahmed JAvaid says:

    GPRS MMS VOICE MAILI have never been sent the GPRS and other settings while i have been told 10times that i wud bee sent but nooo