New Pakistan-India fibre-optic link

Another fibre-optic link between India and Pakistan will be setup in the upcoming months running from Lahore, Pakistan to Amritsar, India. The Ministry of IT & Telecom is delegating PTCL to prepare a feasibility report due next month, with another six month following to lay out the network. The agreement could have evolved from an earlier news event reporting India-Pakistan coast guard link-up.

Pakistan’s current (and only international) backbone runs through India via the SeaMeWe-3 undersea fibre-optic cable. The new connection should provide some bandwidth relief. Is there any other route Pakistan can take to create an independent uplink?

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2 Responses to “New Pakistan-India fibre-optic link”

  1. BigSexyWashboardAbsAl says:

    RE: We Bitch A Lot but apparently our media cantObviously there are other links Pakistan can take… as for the feasibility report, I’m sitting on their freakin’ feasibility report!

    This genital rubbing with India has gone on long enough! what the hell is Pakistan contingency plan in case one day india goes oops and chops our backbone!

    In times of war, they can completely cut off any internet related reporting to the world and I think we can all agree that wars these days are won by the media not the army!

    Speaking of Media! who do I call and blame for the pathetic state our media is in? Why the hell is it so hard for us to bitch? If there is one thing we are good at, it’s bitching. Why the hell can’t we do it overseas and broadcast it internationally? One would think that the Pakistani dream would be to bitch and have it heard around the world!

    Big Sexy’s Got Cha Numba!

  2. TambourineMan says:

    If we can still contemplateIf we can still contemplate a time when we will be at war with India, the least of our worries should be the fiber link or whether India will chop it. FYI, 85% of the internet traffic in Pakistan goes through a “Hindu” POP, the POP in question being FLAG.
    So India can “chop” our link to the outside world today, the fiber through Amritsar notwithstanding.