Pakistan ranked second last among ‘e-ready’ nations

According to a survey (full report here) by the The Economist and IBM Pakistan ranks in second to last on a world-wide ‘e-readiness’ scale. The survey weighed in connectivity, technology infrastructure, net adoption, supporting e-services, legal and policy environments when judging the countries. Will the recent announcement by the Pakistani Government to outsource US$50-$100 million development to the local software market help? Pakistan lagged behind all other countries except Nigeria in connectivity scores (only 1.25, this area can use real improvements).

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One Response to “Pakistan ranked second last among ‘e-ready’ nations”

  1. Shaje says:

    2nd To Last In Web Savvy

    Of the 65 countries surveyed, Azerbaijan remained at the bottom of the list with just 2.72 (out of 10) points, up from 2.43, only slightly worse than Pakistan with 2.93 points

    … This year’s study put more emphasis on security: laws and technology that protect users against viruses and fraud … to weak position in education, which was looked at more thoroughly in this year’s survey …